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Meet Junko

Junko began practicing yoga in 2004, fell in love right way with the way of life - an art form "Yoga" and believes in living a life full of joy, peace, gratitude, and free of attachment, competitions and judgement.

These feelings inform and guide her teaching and practice, which is focused on helping her students-friends better connect to themselves and with their surroundings.


 She teaches classes and private sessions.

Be in the moment at Junami Yoga

Improves balance, Enhances flexibility,

Builds strength, Protects health,

Enhances focus,

Learn to breathe deeply and how to relax your mind with body's movement.

The benefits of yoga are not just to our bodies, yoga works to our mind and spirit.

We reconnect ourselves through yoga practice, learn to just be in the moment.


Join me for a session at my home-studio in Valley Center "Junami Yoga"


at "Sattva Yoga Center" in Escondido.

Experience the positive changes on your health and well-being.

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We sit down in stillness, lie down under the sky of shining stars, or many other ways to do Meditation.  It is the moment of inner awareness and quietness. Finding peace and harmony within. To live fully in the moment and to be present.  

Mantra mediation. Sounds and music meditation. 

Asana practice becomes moving meditation. Meditation in art work like painting, cooking, walking in a forest and watching beautiful sunset...

My classes

Flow of Movement




You can practice Chair Yoga at your office or at home while seated on and standing next to your chair. 

Like yoga practice on mat, bring your awareness in deeper breaths, promote circulation to inner body, as well as stretch your body and strengthen the muscles around the spine.

Also it's good for people who don't want to practice yoga on mat. It's gentle and easy.

Chair Yoga is available in private sessions at

"Junami Yoga" and your home/office by appointments. 

"Chair Yoga"




"Gentle form of yoga"

Chair Yoga Poses


"Half Moon"

"Cat - Cow Pose"

"Seated Twist"

"Cow Face Pose"

"Eagle Pose"

"Half Down Dog"

"Triangle Pose"

"Warrior 1"


"All levels yoga classes"

"Junami Yoga" in Valley Center

A Tower of Stones



"Facebook classes"

Mondays 5:00 pm
Wednesdays 5:00 pm
*You can practice/watch anytime on recorded videos*
Please contact me from contact form below,
Text message:760-274-7745
$60 for 10 class / $7 for drop-in

"Private sessions" 
are available at
Junami Yoga
Private sessions are One person to up to 4 people.
A private session is much more relaxing and calm,
Customize the class for your needs and concern of injuries and conditions.

Private sessions offer more progressions with individual attention. 



Please set up your appointment


"Sattva Yoga Center"

"Flow of Movement"


The studio offers a large variety of classes.

Convenient location on Grand Ave. Escondido, CA

- My class In-Person & On Zoom -

*Thursday 9:00-10:30 "Vinyasa Flow"

*Thursday 11:00-12:15 "Beginners Yoga"

*Friday 9:00-10:45 "Hatha 3" 

*Friday 11:00-12:15 "Hatha 1"

*Saturday 9:00-10:30 "Power Yoga"

**Please see the details on Website below!

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Contact Me
 Junko Ritts,  E-RYT 500
 (760) 274 -7745

Thanks! Message sent.

31748 N Berry Rd.

Valley Center, CA

Please contact me and get directions to Junami Yoga!!!

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